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Among Windows Phone 7, Android Phone, iPhone 4 – What Grills Faster? [Video]

Usually it is good not to be fan of any specific mobile phone or mobile company. What I mean is, it seriously can hurt you when you watch the following video, in which Android G2 phone, iPhone 4 and HTC Surround Windows Phone 7  are being grilled on a high temperature. Don’t be excited feeling which one stops working first, results may become a little unexpected for you.

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This video basically is from EZ Grill company and is trying to promote the portable/disposable Grill. Starting with a light satire that all three are so costly, while EZ Grill is for just , all phones are placed on the heat. While being grilled each of them gives a message – heat detection. These seem funny too, for example – This was my idea, Google THIS and I’m on MAC . Android G2 phone was the first one to stop working, while iPhone 4 seconds him, and well HTC Surround Windows Phone 7 was the one which resisted most to fire.

Watch the video below.

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